Standardized Stickers

From small pocket size to large size enough to cover walls KAA will provide all your sticker needs.



When a company wants to show off and advertise its services in house, chances are the printer located inside the manager's office is not going to suffice.


No matter how exceptional the word processor documents might look on the office printer, individuals walking past the store front are not going to want to stop and squint in order to read the information presented in the tiny sheet of paper. On top of this, the small sheet of paper simply is not going to command the attention of anyone passing the display anyways.


This is exactly why wide format printers and the services offered by the equipment far exceeds what any sort of small, traditional printer is able to give a company. Although, there are many advantages offered up with wide format printing some of the reasons to invest in a wide format printer are more valuable to hear for a business owner over others.


These valuable reasons include: Improved visibility, Increased client awareness & sales and Wide format printers will save you money!



This are some of our products that belong to this category. Kindly contact us for any inquiries or price quotation requests.


Printing Type and Color

Please be advised that Printing color may vary from the colors seen in your pc monitors/phone screen due to the machine and production process used in printing.

With regard to this, we recommend customers to provide necessary color codes and print specifications to achieve an optimum quality product.

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Turn Around Time

We value our customer's time and schedules so we make sure their products will be always on time. 

Please be informed that we have a 3 days Turn Around Time period on standard stationery products which starts upon final confirmation of the order.


As for other services, special orders and urgent products kindly inform us in advance.

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